Becoming Financially Unbreakable

Imagine waking up in 30 days, feeling financially secure. You’ve made crucial decisions for lifelong financial stability…

  • You now have the knowledge, tools, and strategies to manage your finances confidently.
  • Each decision you make takes you closer to your true goals.
  • You become financially strong. You can shape a future that matches your dreams, values, and passions.

Have You Ever Said To Yourself "I don't want to make a mistake with all the money I've saved?”

“The stakes, if you’re nearing midlife, are steep. The cost of bad advice at that point of life is high. You can’t get the money back.”

“I’ve spent my whole life saving. I just don’t want to make a wrong choice. Choosing the right way to invest your money is really hard!” Mike R, Scottsdale AZ

Information Overload. Conflicting Advice. Crazy World.

Here's the reality of financial planning today:

Most people don't understand 50% of what their financial adviser says.

So how do you navigate this complex financial world and put it all together so you have the security you dream of without all the financial worry and stress?

When you start Becoming Financially Unbreakable you will build your own financial plan so you are never at the mercy of someone else to plan for your financial future.

When you go through this simple, proven process you can forever know that you are on the path to greater financial security and peace of mind…

BFU is a live 30 day program where elite financial planning secrets become your tools for crafting a secure, value-driven future:

  • You will build a complete financial plan empowering you to forecast, plan, and execute with precision.
  • Lifetime access to your private financial planning hub typically reserved for elite advisors and their affluent clients.
  • Align every financial decision with your life’s deepest values and aspirations.
  • Learn advanced strategies to take your wealth to the next level and secure your financial future.

Program Overview

Master Financial Forecasting

Use our exclusive software for deep insights into your financial future.

Align Wealth With Your Values

Make financial decisions that fulfill your dreams and passions.

Learn Tax Reduction Tactics

Nothing eats away wealth like uneccesary taxes. Uncover strategies how to reduce your biggest threat to wealth.

Build Financial Offense and Defense

Fortify your financial base to protect against the unexpected and confidently chase your dreams.

Harness Financial Independence

Master your finances to ensure lifelong stability, giving you the freedom to live on your terms

Build a Modern Family Dynasty

Take the values and beliefs you’ve used to create success and create frameworks to allow this to continue for multiple generations.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Should you find yourself unsatisfied for any reason, simply request a refund within the initial 30 days of enrollment, and we’ll gladly oblige. No questions asked.


Built from insights from over 2000 attendees at our LinkedIn Live events.

What did we learn from over 2000 attendees and 100+ personal meetings?

  • People are dissatisfied with mainstream financial planning.
  • Financial advisors have basically become investment salespeople.
  • The advice is too narrow. It feels biased. It doesn’t make you wealthy or feel safe.

With 25 years of experience and many successes, BFU is my answer to this problem. It aims to change the way we view financial planning.

Denver Nowicz

Denver Nowicz

Founder of BFU

25 Year Advisor and Fiduciary
LinkedIn Finance & Economy Top Voice

A personal mission to fix financial planning...

For a decade, I took care of my Mom, Dad, and Grandma before they passed. Anyone who has taken care of elderly parents know if can be one of the most challenging and rewarding things you can do.

I am certainly a wiser person for it. I was thankful to spend that much time with my parents as an adult. When we are young we are too busy living our own lives to appreciate them!

What I learned going through this was that many of the ways people are taught to plan – following conventional wisdom – doesn’t always serve people in the best way possible.

From this, I founded BFU. It merges my 25 years of advising with my goal to help people avoid the same financial mistakes that hit my family.

Envision Your Financially Empowered Life

  • Stand on a foundation of financial strength, unshaken by economic changes.
  • Build a future with continuous pursuit of passions, powered by financial freedom.
  • Build your Modern Family Dynasty with a legacy of wisdom and wealth.

Start Becoming Financially Unbreakable Today

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

People tired of generic financial advice that doesn’t fit their needs.

Those who want to use advanced strategies and tools reserved for advisors and the wealthy. 

Anyone ready to challenge traditional financial practices and aim for a more fulfilling life. 

People who believe wealth is about more than money. It’s about living with purpose and passion.

What exactly will I learn in the BFU Program?

The BFU Program offers top financial tools and strategies. It teaches you to link your financial choices with your passions and values. You’ll also build strong financial strategies. Additionally, you’ll learn about financial forecasting, cash flow, and tax reduction. The goal is to create a purposeful, wealthy, and fulfilling life.

Is my financial information secure during the program?

Your privacy and security are our top concerns. We value teamwork, support, and accountability. Your financial information is always kept private. Also, we never ask for personal financial details. This program aims to empower you privately. It shares knowledge while preserving confidentiality. Our tools and platforms meet strict security standards, ensuring your information is safe.

How does the BFU Program differ from hiring a financial advisor?

A financial planner might charge over $2,500 for a plan. BFU offers a more complete and empowering approach for just $397. It includes ongoing access to financial planning software and a support community.

What if I'm not satisfied with the program?

We’re committed to your satisfaction and financial empowerment. If you fully participate in the 4-week program and don’t feel it helped you, we offer a full refund. We won’t ask questions. We want you to feel confident and secure in your investment in your financial future with BFU.

Can I afford to start a business or buy more real estate after this program?

BFU helps you make smart financial decisions. For example, you can start a business or invest in real estate. It teaches you financial concepts and offers planning tools. This way, you can assess these moves with confidence.

How much time will I need to commit to the program?

The live program has five 1-hour Zoom sessions. It also offers recorded materials. You can access these for your convenience. Moreover, we provide two 30-minute “office hours” for software support. This helps you maximize your use of the financial planning hub.

If you're someone who wants know you are making the best financial decisions so your money will last a lifetime, understand this:

  • You can have your financial plan done faster than you ever dreamed possible so you can get on with your life and stop worrying about money
  • The instant it’s done you can leverage your new knowledge to review your current plan and make sure you are on the right track
  • If you need an advisor, you’ll have the knowledge you need to ask the right questions and separate the charlatan from the true trusted adviser

It's about time you free up space in your life for things that are important.

Start Becoming Financially Unbreakable Today.